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Rebuild Upstate awarded $150,000 to repair homes for veterans with disabilities

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Rebuild Upstate will repair homes for at least 15 veterans with disabilities at no cost to them over the next three years due to a new grant.

Rebuild Upstate will be a sub-recipient of the Veteran’s Home Repair & Modification Pilot, a Housing of Urban Development funding program. The Coalition for Home Repair, of which Rebuild Upstate is a founding member, will manage and distribute funds to home repair nonprofits nationwide to repair homes for 80+ veterans.

Rebuild Upstate has committed to providing an additional $105,000 in matched and leveraged resources to fulfill the requirements of the $150,000 grant award making the total local investment $255,000. Learn more about getting involved or supporting the program at:

Rebuild Upstate serves low-income homeowners with repairs and accessibility improvements to create safe, livable housing in existing homes and neighborhoods in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee counties. Since its inception, Rebuild Upstate has repaired homes for 133 veterans. Nearly 10% of homes repaired by the organization throughout its history are owned by a veteran.

With 8.5% of Upstate veterans living in poverty, there is more work to be done. Rebuild Upstate looks forward to pursuing future partnerships to provide critical home repairs for veterans and their families throughout the Upstate. Rebuild Upstate has completed 303 repair projects for Upstate veterans. There is work to be done as nearly 200 veterans are currently on the waiting list to receive home repairs.

“It is an honor to get to serve the veterans in our community who have faithfully served our country. In the history of our organization, we have been able to repair the homes of 133 veterans, and look forward to working with our volunteers to continue this work” said Jake Beaty, Rebuild Upstate’s President/CEO.

About Rebuild Upstate:

Rebuild Upstate is a nonprofit organization serving the Upstate of South Carolina. The nonprofit strengthens the communities by providing volunteers and materials to create a safe, healthy, sustainable home environment for disabled, low-income and elderly homeowners. The organization exclusively focuses on repairs and improving existing homes. The nonprofit is also the reigning Chamber Max Heller award recipient. Learn more at


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