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MD Care Group celebrating 10 years as Virtual First Care leader

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The formation of MD Care Group started over lunch between Chris Cole and a friend who ran an ambulance service. The friend told a story of sending an ambulance 40 miles for a patient who needed a doctor. The friend said it was a poor use of funds and that it would be faster and more efficient for the person do a virtual visit with a doctor. 

That planted the idea. Create a nationwide network of doctor and caregivers that people can pay a monthly service fee for the ability to meet virtually. The technology was there, but the industry wasn’t.

“I remember thinking ‘this can’t be real. If it was, everyone would be doing it,’” Cole said.

To help create the digital portion of the network such as the apps, platforms and technology to support, partnered with Steve Koenemann, an experienced developer who had done work for a cousin of Cole’s.  From that start, MD Care Group has grown to cover all 50 states with a network of 172 groups and more than 10,000 members.  Its doctors and caregivers can do everything from urgent care to allergies to primary care to wellness screenings to dermatology to mental health appointments and now virtual veterinarian services.

It does this through two business models: Straight to consumer, and increasingly more working with insurance agencies and business owners. MD Care Group is often used to augment insurance packages that allow businesses and users to offset the rising cost of healthcare.

Some of the other highlights of MD Care Group:

  • Personalized Care Navigation: Help to find in-network providers, get second opinions, and access transparency tools for treatment costs and quality ratings. Simplifying and personalizing your healthcare experience.

  • Telemedicine: Members can access our nationwide network of U.S. Licensed Physicians who are available 24/7/365 to treat, provide advice, recommendations, and even diagnose common acute illnesses.

  • Affordable Pricing: They believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare by providing thoughtful, more inclusive care that enhances value and improves healthcare outcomes

  • 24/7 Access: Get anytime, anywhere access to our expert doctors—no matter the health need, medical question, or chronic concern.

“MD Care is smarter, more inclusive healthcare designed with the patient in mind,” Koenemann said. 

About MD Care Group, LLC:

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, MD Care Group, LLC is a pioneer in personalized virtual care. MD Care Group features a national network of dedicated health care providers paired with the advanced technology required to deliver reliable, accurate medical care centered on you and your needs. MD Care Group offers an extensive suite of solutions for some of the most common roadblocks to quality health care, including telemedicine/urgent care, virtual primary care, behavioral health, virtual dermatology, care navigation, and lab screenings and assessments. Learn more at


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