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Kamber Parker of The YoPro Know to speak at DisruptHR Greenville event

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The YoPro Know’s Kamber Parker will be sharing her innovative workforce development insights at the upcoming DisruptHR Greenville event hosted by Anderson University’s College of Business.

Kamber plans to share her expertise during her talk, “Embracing Intergenerational Communication,” on Tuesday, November 14 at the University Center of Greenville. She will be one of several speakers. Learn more here.

Founded in 2013 in Cincinnati, DisruptHR operates on the conviction that the traditional approaches to people and talent are due for a shake-up. It is a vibrant platform where business and community leaders, HR professionals, and enthusiasts gather to share disruptive and forward-thinking ideas that advance our collective understanding of talent in the workplace.

DisruptHR events are volunteer-organized and held globally, aiming to shake things up and inspire participants with quick-fire talks from a series of speakers, each having just five minutes to share their insights with slides rotating every 15 seconds.

The YoPro Know is an innovative consulting group that is changing the way businesses engage with young professionals. It draws on its exclusive content and knowledge base to help business leaders better attract young professionals using digital branding and culture. The YoPro Know also hosts a podcast called The Great Retention.

“I’m always excited for any chance I get to share my knowledge with others looking to learn about young professionals,” Parker said. “Speaking alongside so many other talented professionals is an honor.”

About The YoPro Know:

The YoPro Know’s mission is to help businesses develop the future leaders of our workforce through research, education, and recruiting and retention consulting. Based in Greenville, S.C. with a national community, The YoPro Know promotes success in the workplace by being a bridge between ambitious young professionals and progressive businesses who want to recruit, engage and retain the. Learn more at


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