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Kamber Parker of The YoPro Know announces Fall speaking engagements

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The YoPro Know’s Kamber Parker will be educating thousands of people this Fall across the Southeast about how they can improve their recruiting and retaining efforts of young professionals talent.

The YoPro Know is an innovative consulting group that is changing the way businesses engage with young professionals. It draws on its exclusive content and knowledge base to help business leaders better attract young professionals using digital branding and culture. The YoPro Know also hosts a podcast called The Great Retention.

Because of her work in this sector, Parker has become a sought-after public speaker for seminars, training sessions, and at corporate retreats.

Some of the highlights of her speaking engagements this fall include:

  • PIQUE Conference, in Greenville, on October 1

  • American Association of Textile, Chemists, and Colorists, in Charlotte on October 13

  • Greenville Hospitality and Restaurant Conference, in Greenville on October 16

In addition, Parker will be facilitating two workshops for businesses this late summer, one for the City of Sumter on August 31, and one for the Northwestern Mutual Maryland Leaderships Teams in Annapolis, Maryland. People or companies interested in working with Parker or having her speak at an event can reach out to her via,

“We have many exciting engagements happening this Fall, and we hope we spread our message with even more audiences as they learn and get excited about what we’re accomplishing in the workforce development space,” Parker said.

About The YoPro Know:

The YoPro Know’s mission is to help businesses develop the future leaders of our workforce through research, education, and recruiting and retention consulting. Based in Greenville, S.C. with a national community, The YoPro Know promotes success in the workplace by being a bridge between ambitious young professionals and progressive businesses who want to recruit, engage and retain the. Learn more at


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