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Greenville’s Racquel Collier speaking at national conference

Racquel Collier, a real estate developer with a focus on the concept of third spaces, will be part of a panel at New Jersey Planning and Redevelopment Conference next month.


The panel, “Beyond Home and Work: Cultivating Community in Third Places,” will discuss how to recapture third places through innovative development, redevelopment, zoning reform, and programming.


The 2024 New Jersey Planning and Redevelopment conference will be featuring a multitude of timely sessions and will bring together hundreds of visionary professionals, elected officials and community activists from New Jersey and beyond. By bringing together big players in the planning and redevelopment game, the conference hopes to reimagine land use to optimize efficiency and promote sustainable growth.


Collier is the president of Caliber Real Estate, a local development firm specializing in acquiring and developing multifamily communities and land. When it comes to real estate development, Caliber takes a comprehensive approach to include interests like food, art, media and people to yield meaningful projects. 


“Understanding the needs for and the why people seek third places is one of the keys to the future of development,” Collier said. “Developers want to balance creating ROI on projects while also providing a place where people can go for community.”


About Caliber Real Estate:

Caliber Real Estate is a development firm specializing in developing multifamily communities and land. They take a comprehensive approach to real estate development, combining their interests in art, food, media, music, and people to produce impactful projects. Learn more at


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