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Greenville Area Parkinson Society names Jody Hamblett as Executive Director

The Greenville Area Parkinson Society has announced Jody Hamblett as its new Executive Director.

Hamblett has been in non-profit leadership for more than two decades. Prior to coming to GAPS, she was the Executive Director of Asheville Humane Society where, in the middle of a pandemic, she increased revenue by almost a $1 million.

Before that, Hamblett was President and CEO of Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR) in Asheville. During her tenure at BPR, Hamblett directed a turnaround effort that stabilized a regional service, retired institution-threatening debt, and significantly expanded the local service. Hamblett’s experience as a chief programmer at the NPR station in Austin, Texas, and at Vermont Public Radio informed her efforts to serve local communities and further public radio’s reach, impact, and influence in the lives of everyday Americans. Hamblett earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Wright State. She worked as a television reporter before moving into non-profit work.

“I am so excited to begin my next chapter at the Greenville Area Parkinson Society,” Hamblett said. “GAPS is providing an invaluable service to the people of this region. I am truly honored to lead this small but mighty organization and continue to increase awareness about Parkinson's Disease and to provide resources to individuals with PD and the people in their lives."

GAPS co-founder Stan Smith said, “we are very pleased to have Jody join GAPS. She has the background, skills and presence to really help us significantly expand the reach of GAP's services in the Upstate.”


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