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The YoPro Know starts new series, Bridging The Gap

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The YoPro Know is furthering its reach in the realm of helping businesses recruit and retain young professionals with Bridging The Gap.

Bridging The Gap will be a series of 60 second interviews with experienced leaders as well as young professionals that focus on the questions and concerns of the modern workforce, said Kamber Parker, founder of The YoPro Know. People interested in taking part can learn more by contacting

The YoPro Know is an innovative consulting group that is changing the way businesses engage with young professionals. It draws on its exclusive content and knowledge base to help business leaders better attract young professionals using digital branding and culture. The YoPro Know also hosts a podcast called The Great Retention.

“We are always looking for new ways to help create a stronger and better workforce. Bridging the Gap will be appealing is because of its bite-size nature and easily-digestible info,” Parker said. “Bridging The Gap is a short version of what people are seeing in the workforce and is the perfect complement to the longer, more in-depth episodes of The Great Retention, as well as our research.”

About The YoPro Know:

The YoPro Know’s mission is to help businesses develop the future leaders of our workforce through research, education, and recruiting and retention consulting. Based in Greenville, S.C. with a national community, The YoPro Know promotes success in the workplace by being a bridge between ambitious young professionals and progressive businesses who want to recruit, engage and retain the. Learn more at


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