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The Buzz: Three Cheers for Ten Years

This was a big week for us: it marked ten years since the establishment of Complete PR! Thank you for following along on our journey over the last ten years, and we can’t wait to see what the next ten will bring!

It’s also been a big week for our clients. Before you start your weekend, check out these stories that we’ve been working on.


Our boss, John Boyanoski, discussed the best practices for communicating via email. You can find his advice in this month’s issue of Greenville Business Magazine.

BASF was awarded a South Carolina Business Magazine Best in Business Award. Learn more about this achievement here.


Want to learn more about the development of a new fabric for seat belts, the robbery of the Greenville County prison, Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign and more? Head on over to this week’s issue of fete Magazine for some Greenville history from our boss.


Grazers: Famoda Farm to Table recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony. Find more information on the general store’s hours, and check out a picture of our boss and his boss (or son) at the event at Upstate Business Journal.


Learn more about Famoda Farm and Grazers: Famoda Farm to Table in this segment featuring owner Heather Collins on Livin’ Upstate.


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