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The Buzz: Stay in touch

June is typically consumed by both long vacations and little weekend trips out of town. If you plan to do either of these, make sure to also plan to keep up with what we’re doing by reading the Buzz. Take a look below:


After an extremely successful debut Upstate book signing, the authors of Lucy and the Lake Monster will be back later this month. Read the press release here and check out the event’s Facebook page.


Wanna know the coolest way to beat the heat this summer? Join Topside Pool Club, an exclusive members-only swim club located in beautiful downtown Greenville. Look at memberships at Topside.


Did you know that even giving as little as $8 a month, Rebuild Upstate can use your donation to impact the lives of families across the Upstate? If you choose to donate today, your money would come at a time where Rebuild Upstate needs it most. The organization is facing a $120,000 funding gap, leaving 30+ homeowners without repairs next year and increasing already long wait times for others. Read this letter from Rebuild’s CEO Jake Beaty to learn more.


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