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The Buzz: Post-holiday weekend stories

In honor of the short week following the long weekend, we’ve got a mini Buzz for you today! Grab that second cup of coffee (or third) and take a look!


Rob Parsley of Lima One talked with the Greenville Blog about real estate investing and the BRRR (or BRRRR) strategy. Read the story here.


Habitat for Humanity hit a huge milestone this week. The group raised the walls on their 400th home in the Greenville community. Take a look at the story here.


You can find a wealth of Greenville knowledge in the Trivia section of this week’s Fete Magazine. Politics, medical groups, lawsuits and more!


Wake Up with Rebuild is back! Join Rebuild Upstate on September 29th for breakfast, coffee and a whole lot of information about the amazing work the organization is doing throughout the community. Learn more and register here!


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