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The Buzz: Happy (Belated) Saint Patrick's Day!

We hope everyone had a great Saint Patrick’s Day. As you head into an equally fun (hopefully) weekend, check out these stories we’ve been busy putting together for you this week.


Antique Junction, an antique store in Piedmont, will be opening on Saturday, April 2. You can find more information on Antique Junction ahead of their opening at TheGreenvilleBlog.

Paveway Express has been in business for five years. Read more about this achievement and Paveway Express’ history here.


Want to learn about a Furman men’s basketball coach in the 1970s, a statewide Equal Rights Amendment that was tabled, a Greenville coroner’s self imposed salary cut, and more? Head on over to this week’s issue of fete Magazine for some random Greenville history from our boss.


The Scottish Games will be held over Memorial Day Weekend this year. You can find more information here.

Get Ready

Topside Pool Club is opening for the season on April 8. To learn more about Topside Pool Club and register to become a member, visit /


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