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The Buzz: Foggy February Days

The fog and rain are certainly making the month drawing to a close all that more dramatic. As you head into your (hopefully dryer) weekend, check out these stories we’ve been working on this week.


Justin Jenkins, president and owner of Paveway Express, told TheGreenvilleBlog all about his background, as well as his favorite books, movies and more.

Rebuild Upstate is looking for a new fulltime CEO. Read more about this search here.


Want to learn more about the meeting of J.P. Stevens Stockholders, a massive amount of cocaine as well as two cars that were seized as part of a sting operation, and multiple candidates’ stops in Greenville during the 1988 presidential campaign? Our boss provided some random Greenville history in this week’s issue of fete Magazine, where you can read about all that and more.


The 2022 Bassmaster Classic Tournament will be held in Greenville at Lake Hartwell next weekend. The event is free. You can learn more about it here.


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