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The Buzz: December Chill (Finally)

We’ve been busy all week trying to stay warm (at least the weather’s appropriate for December this week) and putting together these stories for you to check out!


BASF will be further strengthening its focus on battery materials and recycling, and has plans to establish what will be called BASF Automotive Catalysts and Recycling. You can find more information about this initiative at Coatings World.

Greenville County will be simplifying the zoning process following the implementation of a new agricultural zoning designation. Read more here.

Kopis was named Most Innovative Company in Greenville Business Magazine’s Best in Business awards. You can find more information on Kopis and this award here.


Want to learn more about the donation of textiles from a Greenville based textile company, a fire in the McAllister Square Mall, an almost $10,000 donation to Shriners Hospital and more? Check out this week’s issue of fete Magazine for some random Greenville history from our boss!


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