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Rebuild Upstate receives $100,000 grant from Greenville Women Giving

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Greenville Women Giving, a philanthropic women’s collective giving organization, has awarded Rebuild Upstate with a two year grant totaling $100,000.

The mission of Greenville Women Giving is to work collectively to identify and fund nonprofit organizations in the areas of arts, education, environment, health and human services in Greenville County.

In November 2021, Rebuild Upstate requested funds to aid in the completion of home repair projects for low-income homeowners in Greenville County. Rebuild Upstate currently has over 1,200 homes on their waiting list and expects to receive over 1200 calls for assistance in 2022.

“Being able to complete all of the critical repairs at each home we serve is extremely important to the people we serve,” said Chris Manley, Rebuild Upstate’s founder and President/CEO. “Rebuild Upstate is exceptionally thankful for Greenville Women Giving seeing this need and playing a key role in improving the lives of 40 families in Greenville County.”

Rebuild Upstate helps low-income homeowners with home repairs and accessibility improvements to create safe, livable housing in existing homes and neighborhoods. Home repairs can range from small plumbing fixes to roof and floor replacements. Accessibility improvements range from installing grab bars and railings for vulnerable populations to building wheelchair ramps for those with disabilities.

Rebuild Upstate receives public and private funds to support home repairs across Greenville, Anderson, Pickens and Oconee counties. Through its work, the organization hopes to raise awareness of the need for more affordable housing in Upstate communities.

About Greenville Women Giving

Greenville Women Giving is a philanthropic women's collective giving organization created as a special initiative of the Community Foundation in 2006. Since its founding, GWG has awarded 140 grants totaling over $7.6 million and has grown to over 500 members. For more information, visit

About Rebuild Upstate:

Rebuild Upstate serves low-income homeowners with repairs and accessibility improvements to create safe, livable housing in existing homes and neighborhoods in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee counties. Its team envisions a community where everyone has the opportunity to live a life of dignity in a safe home environment in order to maintain and foster strong, sustainable communities. Learn more at


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