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Greenville woman’s “Grab Life by the Dreams” praised by Readers Favorite

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Readers’ Favorite, a leading literary website, has given a Five-Star Review to Grab Life by the Dreams, the new book by Greenville-based life coach Karin Freeland.

Readers' Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites whose honors include "Best Websites for Authors" and "Honoring Excellence" awards from the Association of Independent Authors.

From the review by Pikasho Deka, “All of us share an innate drive toward happiness and fulfillment. But often, we tend to find ourselves stuck in our choices, leaving us questioning our purpose in life. Karin Freeland is a successful life coach and entrepreneur who formerly worked for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. In Grab Life by the Dreams: The Essential Guide to Getting Unstuck and Living Your Purpose, Freeland shares her own life experiences to help readers chase their dreams and find fulfillment in their lives. Freeland introduces a proven framework to steer you toward a life that focuses on simplicity and improves your relationships, career, health, and finances. The author emphasizes the importance of letting go of self-destructive behaviors, turning inward to find clarity and direction, the negative aspects of social media, meditation, rekindling your passions, and much more. The book will also show you how to reconnect with your spiritual beliefs.”

Grab Life by the Dreams pulls from Freeland’s thousands of hours of training and coaching sessions where she has helped professionals make choices that lead to more fulfilling life and career choices, and was released in September. The book explores ways that women can get “unstuck” from the mental, physical, and personal ruts in their lives, and how to build better paths forward for success.

A member of the Maxwell Leadership Team and a certified Life Reinvention Coach, Freeland helps high-achieving professionals, executives, and business owners achieve the success they desire without sacrificing time with family and friends, their health, or self-care through her company, Karin Freeland Coaching & Consulting, LLC in Greenville.

“I am humbled by the review of Grab Life by Your Dreams in Readers’ Favorite,” Freeland said. “This is a great recognition of the work I am doing helping people better their lives.”

About Karin Freeland:

Karin Freeland is a certified Life Reinvention Coach focused on helping women transform their lives and achieve their dreams by using the lessons she learned in her 15 years in the corporate sector. Award-winning author of Grab Life by the Dreams and podcast host of Rock Your Reinvention, learn more about her and her company Karin Freeland Coaching & Consulting, LLC at


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