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Friday Flash: The Best Ways to Spend Valentine's Day in Greenville

Despite Greenville’s growing popularity, it has never been hailed as a “City of Love,” which we feel disregards the romantic opportunities the city provides. If you’re looking for a last minute way to spend Valentines Day (or are celebrating late to prioritize the Super Bowl), here are some of the best ways you can do so without leaving Greenville.

  1. Go on a staycation in one of Downtown Greenville’s hotels. With Greenville’s reputation for being a tourist city, it’s no surprise that there are some seriously cool hotels downtown. If you want to stay somewhere newer and more modern, the AC Hotel, which opened last year, would be a great choice. For somewhere with more history, check out the Westin Poinsett, which is the oldest hotel in Greenville.

  2. Try one of Greenville’s many restaurants. Greenville is maybe most famous for its array of restaurants lining almost every downtown street. While many of the more popular restaurants are already booked up, if you follow your nose, you’re sure to find a hidden gem.

  3. If you’re worried about reservations, pack a picnic to eat at Falls Park. Valentine’s Day weekend is going to be unseasonably warm this year, so it would be a great time to pack a picnic to enjoy by Falls Park! Bonus points if you use local ingredients or foods from somewhere like Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery!

  4. Pick up something sweet to eat. What’s Valentine’s Day without plenty of sweet treats? Fortunately, Greenville has plenty of options. Whether you prefer ice cream (Marble Slab Creamery, Spill the Beans), pastries (Le Petit Croissant, Old Europe Coffee and Desserts), or anything in between, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your sweet tooth.

  5. Check out a local attraction with the person you’re spending Valentine’s Day with. Greenville has lots of great local attractions, including multiple museums, the Greenville Zoo, art studios with wine and paint nights, biking trails, and more. There’s something for everyone.


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