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Friday Flash: Five Ways to Celebrate Christmas Eve

Usually, between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Christmas Day takes the attention for the holidays. It makes sense; there isn’t much to celebrate the day before a holiday since everyone is so busy actually preparing for the holiday. However, Christmas Eve is worth celebrating, and a great day to establish new traditions for! Here are some of our ideas of how to celebrate Christmas Eve this year.

  1. Watch a Christmas movie. Okay, this might be a bit basic, but we personally think that the definition of a Christmas movie can and should be stretched! Sure, the movies that are specifically Christmas themed are good, but there are only so many years in a row that you can watch Elf, for example, before you get tired of it. So if you are tired of the classics, try a less conventional movie that many argue could be considered a Christmas movie, like Die Hard or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

  2. Prepare a special dinner. Sure, the main Christmas meal is an important part of the holiday, but who says the same can’t stand for Christmas Eve? Do something fun and maybe even hands-on for dinner, like fondue or making personal pizzas! If you aren’t in the mood to cook before Christmas, support one of your favorite restaurants (bonus points if it’s locally owned).

  3. Go look at Christmas lights. You can find Christmas lights just about anywhere, so if you don’t want to leave your neighborhood, you probably don’t have to! Most lights will be taken down immediately after Christmas, so check them out while you can! If you do want to get out and look at a more elaborate light display than what you might find at your neighbor’s, you can find a full list of all the Christmas light displays in the Upstate here.

  4. Attend a Christmas Eve service. It is the reason for the season, afterall. If you and your family have a church you are already a member of, see about going to their Christmas Eve service (and maybe a slightly earlier service than the midnight one if you have children to consider). If you aren’t a member of a church in Greenville and are interested in going to a Christmas Eve service, do some digging! Greenville has plenty of churches under most major denominations, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits your beliefs.

  5. Open a present. Christmas Day shouldn’t hold all the excitement! Opening a gift on Christmas Eve could be an especially great way to celebrate if you have children who are prone to losing sleep because they’re too excited to open presents in the morning (or if you yourself are)!

This year, we hope you’re able to make Christmas Day and the days around it memorable! Happy Holidays from Complete PR!


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