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BASF ECMS in Converse donates to Benjamin E. Mays Community Center and Spartanburg High School

CONVERSE, SC, Oct. 18, 2023 – The BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) site in Converse, South Carolina recently made donations to the Benjamin E. Mays Community Center and to the Spartanburg High School Vikings Football Team, both of which are aimed at developing the area’s youth.

In June, BASF ECMS in Converse donated $1,500 to the Benjamin E. Mays Family Resource Center, which provides support to people in nearby Pacolet through four strategic areas of need: education; vocational and workforce training; health and wellness; and family support. The center is critical to the area’s success, given the high levels of poverty documented in the area, along with the low number of citizens with high school degrees. The Benjamin E. Mays Family Resource Center is named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mentor, Benjamin E. Mays, who served as President of Morehouse College.

In July, the Converse site donated $1,000 to the Spartanburg High School Vikings REFINED program. The REFINED (Redeemed, Empowered, Finish, Integrity, uNflinchable, Embolden and Deliberate) program encompasses mental, physical, academic, professional, personal and psychological developmental components aimed at helping young athletes grow into intelligent, focused adults with strong relationships and community connections. As part of the program, athletes interact with guest speakers and receive weekly instruction that goes far beyond sports to include lessons on life skills from financial planning to dressing for a job interview – even how to properly tie a tie. After completing the program, leaders hope students will have a greater chance to be successful out of high school and in college and careers.

“We are committed to actively giving back to our community,” said Jerome Kirkland, BASF ECMS Converse site manager. “We live and work in the area, and we want to make sure that the youngsters here have opportunities to learn, expand their skillsets and grow their opportunities for the future. That’s why it’s so important for us to sponsor these key organizations and the children they support.”

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About BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions

Leveraging its deep expertise as a global leader in catalysis and precious metals, BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) serves customers in many industries including automotive, aerospace, indoor air quality, semiconductors and hydrogen economy, and provides full loop services with its precious metals trading and recycling offering. With a focus on circular solutions and sustainability, ECMS is committed to helping our customers create a cleaner, more sustainable world. Protecting the elements of life is our purpose and this inspires us to ever-new solutions. ECMS operates globally in 15 countries with over 4,500 employees and 20 production sites.


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